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 God’s House International Church Bristol released this powerful song – “Things are coming together” last year. More than ever, the importance of this song cannot be overemphasized so we gladly present to you this song which has been of immense blessing to the body of Christ and the world at large.



In 2019 I heard the words clearly “Its coming together, bone by bone.” Pastor Osien Sibanda, senior Pastor of my church, God’s House International Centre (GHIC), had proclaimed. Following this, he (instagram: @osiensibanda) asked the worship team of the church (GHIC Music), to go and write a song and those lyrics seemed to stay with me for a while.

I prayed and asked God to help and a year later, when the leader of the GHIC Music team Temitope Ezobi (instagram: @temitopeezobi), asked us to submit songs for the GHIC Music project, the lyrics and music finally came. I honestly thought that the song would be very wordy and complex, but God had other plans! Goziam Okogwu (instagram: @goz_i_am), our producer also reassured me during our group writing session that the simpler the song, the better. The process in which we put the music, the harmonies and lyrics together was a good one, as we had all hands on deck making it a collective effort. I had a lot of help from Goziam and the team with regards to bringing to life the vision I had musically.

During the recording process, we decided to add another GHIC Music lead vocalist in the person of Sandile Nyandoro (instagram: @sandile_nya) and she did such an amazing job! She added more flavor and charisma to the song. It is worth noting that during the recording process, I was seven months pregnant with my son. This has made the song really special and more applicable to me personally – I knew that it was a timely declaration for all the things I was going through in my life at that point in time.

I really love the simplicity of the song and this is what makes the message more powerful. Its release is also truly relevant to the times we are in with the situation of the world attempting to get back to normalcy with COVID 19 after many have lost time, jobs and even lives. Through it all, this song gives the message of hope for the future and a word of encouragement for everyone to know that “Things are coming together”.

Ayolabi Temitope Ezobi
Gods House International Centre
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GHIC Music – Things Are Coming Together



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