Mo de (I come) – Wale Adebanjo @Walesalters

Wale Adebanjo the UK based gospel artist releases another soul stirring prayer song titled MO DE ( I COME).

About the Song

Mo De is a yoruba phrase meaning I Come.  

Mo de is a song of intimate prayer emphasising the mighty power of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that is able to truly and completely set us free from bondages. 

The song is a psalm to invoke divine intervention and the mighty move of God in our lives.

This song has blessed me personally, my prayer is that everyone will encounter the mighty power of God as they listen and share this prayer song with friends and family everywhere.

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Wale Adebanjo


Produced by: Leye Abiola

Video recorded by Mr Odinaka


MODE — I come

MODE —I come

GBAMI — Save me

GBAMI — Save me

Aiye mi d’owo re o — My life is in Your hands

Tete bami tunse —  Fix it for me quickly

Igbe Aiye mi d’owo re o — My whole life is in Your hands

Tete se ko yanju — Fix it to completion

K’aiye ma se yeye mi o jesu — Let the world not mock me Jesus

K’ota ma se yeye mi o dakun — Let the enemies not laugh at me I plead

CHORUS – Baba mo de jowo gba mi o — Father I come, Please help me

Kikida awon t’o yo ninu ewu l’oyo o — Only those who you rescue are indeed free

1 – Se lemi yoo gboju mi soke sori oke woni – I will lift up me eyes unto the hills

 Nibo Niranlowo mi yoo ha ti wa — Where will my help come from

Aanu mbe lodo re, Agbara m be — There is mercy in you, there is power

Iwosan be lodo re, Idande mbe — There is healing in You, There is deliverance

Igbagbo mi po o ninu oro re — My trust in your word is unwavering, my hope is lofty

So mo gbagbo , p’olese. dakun — So I believe, You can do it, Please !

T’ori mo gbagbo p’olese, dakun. — Because I believe, You can do it, Please !


 Akii leni ni mosan, ka tu mu kikan — It is impossible have a powerful father and still suffer.

Mio le ni Jesu Leyin mI k’ya jemi gbe o — I can not have Jesus behind me and still suffer in vain.

Baba Mbe Leyin mi — The Father is behind me

Omo m be leyin mi — The Son is behind me

Emi mimo mbe leyin mi o — The holy spirit is behind me

Ogun aaiye mi, Iwo shi — All my battles. be moved !

Eyin Lolorun awon omo ogun — You are the God of hosts

Olorun awon eran ara — You are the God of all flesh

Fi aanu re to po yen gbami — Save me with that bountiful mercies of yours

K;aiye mi yanju o – Let my life be sorted out

K’oro mi k’o see se — Let my matter be solvable

Wa f’aanu yanju e — Settle me with your mercy 

K’araiye bami gbe o ga — And the world will exhalt you on my behalf



Wale Adebanjo is a recording artiste, Music producer and  the CEO of Salters Music Limited UK.

Wale works as a Business Intelligence Analyst. He bagged his postgraduate qualification from University of Sunderland.

Wale serves as a Deacon in his local Redeemed Christian Church of God and he doubles as the  Music Director of Open Heavens Christian Centre in Barnet, London.

Wale currently has 4 albums and numerous singles to his credit. The 5th album is in the works and will be released at a publicised date.

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