Gospel Touch Launches Record Label in Nigeria with First Official Artist

Abuja, Nigeria – Gospel Touch, a name synonymous with uplifting and powerful gospel music, is proud to announce the expansion of its brand with the launch of its very own record label in Nigeria. This milestone is marked by the signing of their first official artist, a talented individual poised to set the gospel music scene alight with inspirational melodies and heartfelt messages.

Gospel Touch has been at the forefront of promoting gospel music globally, and the establishment of a record label in Nigeria represents a significant step towards nurturing and showcasing the rich gospel talent within the country. The label is committed to producing music that not only entertains but also inspires and encourages listeners with messages of hope, faith, and love.

The first artist signed to Gospel Touch’s record label embodies the label’s mission to spread uplifting gospel music. With a unique voice and a passionate dedication to their craft, this artist is set to release their debut single under the Gospel Touch label, promising a fresh and invigorating addition to the gospel music landscape.

Gospel Touch is excited to offer a platform where Nigerian gospel artists can thrive and where their music can reach a global audience. The record label aims to become a beacon of light in the music industry, fostering a community of artists who can make a positive impact through their music.

Stay tuned for more announcements from Gospel Touch, including the release date of the debut single from their first official artist and upcoming projects that are sure to inspire and uplift.

For more information about Gospel Touch and its new record label in Nigeria, please contact admin@gospeltouch.net.


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