Chris Promise, the rising star in the music scene, has seamlessly blended tradition with contemporary flair in his latest single, “Odum Ebo Judah,” now available on all streaming platforms.
“Odum Ebo Judah” is a heartfelt expression of faith, centering on the steadfast protection and guidance provided by the Lion of Judah, our father. With its uplifting message and infectious rhythms, the song serves as a beacon of hope for listeners.

Through “Odum Ebo Judah,” Chris Promise seamlessly blends traditional Igbo influences with contemporary Christian music, creating a harmonious fusion that resonates with audiences worldwide. The track’s poignant lyrics and melodic hooks inspire listeners to embrace the unwavering love and support of their heavenly Father.
Experience the transformative power of “Odum Ebo Judah” today and join Chris Promise on a journey of faith and inspiration. Stream the single now on your favorite music platform and uplift your spirit with its timeless message of divine protection and grace.

About Chris Promise:
Chris Promise is a dynamic minister, worship leader, and songwriter who has graced stages in Nigeria and Benin Republic. Known for his energetic performances, Chris Promise has garnered attention for his ability to seamlessly blend genres. His EP, “Affirmative,” is a testament to his versatility and commitment to delivering soul-stirring gospel music.

Connect with Chris Promise:
Social Media: [@iamchrispromise]
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