[Music + Video] Tosin Oyelakin – We Will!

Tosin Oyelakin is back with a video for her song she titled We Will!

The song is borne out of Tosin’s reflections on the free will that we all have been given to make our own choices. However, when we choose to follow God’s will for us, this causes us to rejoice because then, we will know the ever present help of Emmanuel.

Tosin says, “What we choose to do with our free will is ours and ours only.  God has shown His own will for us throughout His Word. I believe that every believer should also make a statement of their will towards Him.  For me, it is to praise and worship the Lord with all my life, to magnify and proclaim His Holy name throughout all the earth and to lay all my life down before God’s throne for Him to use as He pleases for His own glory. For my will to be totally encapsulated in His will for me!”

Tosin has unique songwriting style which comes through beautifully in this song’s simplicity. Her strong vocals was very well complemented by the background vocals and music. This is definitely one to add to your playlists.

Watch Video Below;


Lyrics: Tosin Oyelakin – We Will!

Chorus: Oh oh oh oh
Lord we rejoice
Oh oh oh oh

We will lift our voices in praise
We will bow to worship and adore
For we believe in the Lord our God
We will lift up our holy hands
For this is the will of the Father
In the word of God


We will magnify and proclaim
The holy name of the Father
For He is so worthy, He alone is God
We will lay our lives before
The throne of the Living Word
He’s the Lord our King
He alone is God


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