(Album) My Tribe by Blessing Offor

At long last, No. 1 singer / multi-instrumentalist Blessing Offor has released his full length debut My Tribe. Blessing takes the themes introduced on his Brighter Days EP, and fully dives in with a sense of optimism, swagger, groove, and authenticity. A blend of realism and hope serve as the backdrop for this 16-track record –an honest accounting of Blessing’s singular life experience, and his unique journey to the heart of Music City and beyond.

“This record feels like the end of the beginning of my career. I’ve been working hard for years now to get to this moment and My Tribe – the project and the people – make it all worthwhile 1000 times over,” Blessing claims. “I think there’s something uniquely universal and beautiful about the highs and lows of life and those feelings that we all experience. I’m proud to share my perspective of those things and I hope that no matter where you are, you’re able to find yourself somewhere on this record.”

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