Amethyst is the Artist Of The Week on KWEST Radio with her new blazing single REDEEMED feat. Mali Music

Urban, gospel recording sensation, Amethyst, experienced during the pandemic a strong desire to place her call to intercession at the forefront of her ministry. At the tender age of 3 years old, she further recognised and answered the call to the role of prayer warrior on her life. She has continued to operate in her gifting** and felt a strong desire to put this passion plus purpose at the forefront of her ministry. In addition to sharing her vocal gifting, she encourages others to lean into consistent prayer and intercession.


In 2019 Amethyst released “Do It” to Gospel radio. The single was received well and introduced Amethyst to the Gospel music community in an impactful way. She released her newest offering to the genre entitled “Redeemed,” which features Grammy Award winning artist, Mali Music. “Redeemed” is an urban Caribbean inspired cut. It speaks of gratitude for redemption. “Redeemed” highlights Amethyst’s musical versatility and is a track that will make listeners want to get up and dance joyfully. “Redeemed” echoes the message of believers’ access to freedom because of God’s grace. The soulful island vibe single is now available on all digital outlets.


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