(Music) My Desire by Alabaster

Opeyemi Alabaster is a seasoned worshipper and songwriter! Whose voice carries so much of God’s convincing power unto the glory of the father and blessings unto men.

She is graced to have shared platforms with gospel ministers such as Tope Alabi, Shola Allison, Yetunde Are, Kenny Kore and many more… She hails from Ayede Ekiti, Ekiti State. Married to Ojo Ayodeji John (aka Djsticks) who is also a prolific drummer and psalmist, a partner of life and ministry.

My Desire, her first official release, is a song birthed in the place of worship and longing for the fulfillment of God’s promises for these last days.

Only true seekers can survive the darkest days ahead. Strange things are still going to happen, the strange feeling has an underlying tone of joy only to those who long and thirst for righteousness!

Though silent, yet deep. Definitely, it is also a sign of mercy. This song would draw back our attention to what matters most, “GOD THE FATHER” and spur us to stand/write with him.

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Rev Matthew and Labisi Akinjide Daniel (General Overseer Flaming sword global ministries)

Ogunmiloro Ayodele (Producer)

Daniels Adeloye


One-two lyrics

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IG: opeyemialabaster

YouTube: Opeyemi Alabaster

FB: Ayodeji Opeyemi Olabambo


 Verse 1

 There’s a spirit in man

Inspiration of the almighty

Gives wisdom, understanding

Knowledge for the truth (2ce)

For power to be stronger

And be wiser, and be better


Chorus: That’s my desire

You’re my desire. (repeat)

 Verse 2)

In the days of your power

Your people shall be willing

Your young men shall see visions

Your daughters shall prophesy

Your old men shall dream dreams

For power to be stronger

And be wiser


That’s my desire

You’re my desire. (repeat)


We are waiting, we are hungry, we are thirsty come!



Come in your power oh God

We long to see you

Release your presence oh God

We long to see you. (Repeat)


That’s my desire

You’re my desire


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