Conversation with Yahweh – Rokinijo the Worshipper

Rokinijo the London based gospel artist releases the second song for 2020 on the heels of the success of her debut “ELOHIM BARA”.

Conversation with YAHWEH, is Rokinijo’s proclamation of the name of the Lord in a personal way. This praise was born out of Luke 11:1-13, Matt 6:9-15. & Psalm 145:18 Jesus’s disciples asked him to teach them how to pray, he said to start by hallowing the name of the LORD.

God himself  revealed His name in Exodus 3, during his conversation with Moses, (Moses was an Hebrew and God must have spoken to him in Hebrew, which got translated into English and several languages later) He said this was his name forever, and his memorial to all generations. If he did not want the name pronounced, he would not have revealed it, but He commanded, not to take it in vain.

The LORD’s name is one, but when you add his attributes to it as seen in the bible and as manifested in your own life, then you have many ways to praise and worship him personally. When you call someone by their name, you draw their attention to you, likewise personalizing the name of God draws His attention on you, brings open heaven and envelopes you with the presence of God as in Malachi 3:16-17, and strengthens your relationship with Him. Psalm 145:18 confirms that the LORD is near to those who call on him.

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